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Kentucky's Premiere Charter Bus & Tailgate Party Service Provider

Safety is my #1 priority!

I want to take a moment and thank everyone for being so awesome during these eight years of "Tha Bus Shizzle". So far there have been good people from all over the United States including Kentucky that have made this venture what it is today!

Thank You so much!!

Please no alchoholic beverages outside the bus on any distillery property and please no labeled alchoholic beverages in public with the exception of Tailgating.

No under age drinking.

All Passengers must remain seated and isleway remain clear during transit!

Persons with medical conditions or respiratory problems should consider the bus is not currently air conditioned or handicapped accessible.

Obscene and/or rude behavior will not be tolerated.

No Smoking allowed on bus! Smoke breaks will be provided as often as necessary.

Glass bottles and cans should be disposed of properly. Kids drinks must be in plastic spill-proof containers.

The bus has several electronic devices, no one but Authorized Personnel are allowed to touch them.



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